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Dimier 1738 Bovet Dimier Recital 1 (RG)

Bovet Dimier Recital 1 (RG)






Recital 1 is much more than an exceptional timepiece. Recital 1 Wg It is a precision watch, refined in its every detail, a virtuoso work and an authentic expression of genuine luxury. Within a stately 46mm case sculpted from 18K white or red gold, the Dimier Recital 1 showcases an extraordinary manually wound movement, which is exclusively designed and manufactured by Dimier. A one-minute tourbillon rotates ethereally in its delicately rendered "Lotus Flower" cage, while twin mainspring barrels assure a power reserve of 8 days. A sapphire back reveals the hand-decorated glory of this watch making masterpiece, whose sublime details are eloquently matched by the exceptional aesthetic nuances of the dial. Just 100 examples of the Dimier Recital 1 watch will be made, 50 each for both colors of 18K gold.
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