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Harry Winston Opus 1

Opus 1






DEVELOPED WITH FRANCOIS PAUL JOURNE, MASTER-HOROLOGIST Limited edition of 6 unique pieces per movement: 6 pieces Tourbillon: F.P. Harry Winston Journe one-minute tourbillon movement with constant-force remontoir. Remontoir rearmed every second. F.P. Journe four-armed balances with adjusting weights. 6 pieces 5 day automatic: F.P. Journe 5 day automatic chronometer. Free-sprung balance, four adjusting weights, in-line lever escapement, 15-tooth escape-wheel. 6 pieces Resonance Chronometer: F.P. Journe twin-movement resonance-system chronometer. 38mm round case made of 950PT platinum

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    Item #:Opus 1
    Brand:Harry Winston

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